A woman police officer looks at a reveller from Innocent Fun FC presentation of Appreciation during Chaguanas J’Ouvert celebrations, yesterday.

iCandy has won the 2020 Chaguanas J’Ouvert Band of the year title with its presentation of Masquerade.

The band of 2000-plus players gained 243 points when it paraded before the judges at Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas on Monday. Placing second and third respectively were Junabo Production’s Our Treasured Kaiso Gems and Innocent Fun FC’s Appreciation.

Rehab J’ourvet’s Dutty Revellers won first place in the small bands’ category. Junabo also copped the King of the Band’s title with the band’s portrayal of The Kaiso King. The title of Queen of the Bands went to J’Ouvert Junkies’ Doux Doux from their presentation of Colour Me Carnival.

ASP Richard Smith of the Chaguanas Police said the public was well behaved and there were no incidents. He said as far as the glass bottle rules went, persons abstained from using glass containers.

He said police recovered two glass bottles that contained an energy drink in the Ramsaran Street area. Smith said there were over 400 policemen out in central celebrations in Chaguanas and Couva with around 150 stationed to the Ramsaran Street area.

Smith said in a non-Carnival related incident a man was shot in his arm and leg at Chinee Drive, Enterprise. He said this man was taken to hospital where he was being treated.

Celebrations began around 5.30 am.

The judges, patrons and masqueraders complained that the lighting in front of the stage was poor since no additional lights were installed and all involved had to rely on street lights. A total of nine bands crossed the stage when celebrations closed around 9 am. Celebrations attracted a large number of mature persons who came out early to celebrate. Revellers used a mixture, body paint or mud and coloured powder to toss on one another.

Chaguanas Mayor Vandana Mohit who played with the band Re Jourvet Nation said she was pleased that J’ourvet 2020 had been incident-free. The Mayor’s band did not take part in the competition and all proceeds went towards charity.

Mohit praised the public and the police for adhering to the laws. Orlando Nagessar, head of the Chaguanas Carnival Committee, said the event was attended by over 25,000 persons.