Anastasia Flament looks into a water tank on Tarouba Road, Palmyra, as she searches for her daughter Kadijah Flament, yesterday, with other relatives.

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Minutes before curfew on June 7–the day Kadijah Flament went missing– her mother Anastasia spoke to her on the phone.Or did she? “All she told me was, she was in town liming,” Anastasia told Guardian Media yesterday as she stood under a shed in Palmyra Village, San Fernando, searching for her second of five children. Showing the WhatsApp call record, the grieving mother said the call ended abruptly after five seconds. She then got a message from her daughter’s phone, saying that she was fed up with her boyfriend and was in Port-of-Spain liming with a friend.

When Anastasia asked what happened, Flament responded, “Look me eh want to hut me head.”

Flament said she would “call in a while” but never did. Now, Anastasia is wondering who she spoke with on June 7, saying the call ended so quickly and her daughter had not been to Port-of-Spain in a long time. She questioned where Flament would be liming during curfew hours. Investigators also confirmed that in tracking Flament’s phone, the last ping they got was from a cell tower near Olera Heights, San Fernando. It is now 10 days since Flament, 24, left her home at Lothian’s Road, Princes Town, to visit her daughter, who stayed with a friend in Olera Heights.

Anastasia said due to personal issues, Flament allowed her daughter to stay with the friend over the past two years.

Flament would visit her daughter and take her out, but the friend began restricting family members. Eventually, Flament wanted her daughter back.

Her brother Jamal said there was a case before the court, but Flament did not show up at the hearing last month. As relatives searched the old canefields of Ste Madeline and the farmlands of Tarouba yesterday, Anastasia was still unsure about her daughter’s fate without a body.

Flament’s boyfriend, Raymond Frederick was searching feverishly along Daisy Road, Ste Madeleine.

Frederick said on June 7, Flament told him that she missed her daughter and wanted to see her. He said he gave her money to travel to see her daughter. He said that as 9 pm drew closer, he called Flament’s phone, but she did not answer.

Anastasia said that based on the information she gathered, it appeared someone poisoned Flament’s food.

She said that based on another report, someone also tied up her daughter.

While there are rumours that Flament was murdered and stuffed in a barrel, Anastasia said Olera Heights residents saw someone moving a barrel on the night her daughter disappeared.

“They saw a barrel moving. They heard a quarrel up in the buildings. They said after that, they did not hear anything else. The place got quiet.” Investigators said someone remained in custody assisting them with their investigations