DCP Operations, Erla Christopher. (Image courtesy TTPS)

The Police Service is reporting that the number of police officers testing COVID-19 positive has increased—12 more officers test positive, while 16 more were sent into quarantine.

This brings the total number of COVID positive officers to 245, with a total of 1,096 currently in quarantine.

These figures represent a slight increase compared with those disclosed on Tuesday by DCP Operations Erla Christopher.  On Tuesday during the TTPS’ media conference, DCP Christopher admitted the Police Service continued to be constrained and its strength depleted, as the number of officers testing COVID-19 positive increased to 233, and that 1,080 of them were in quarantine.

She also disclosed that 2,622 officers had since left quarantine.

In its COVID-19 Brief issued on Wednesday, the TTPS reported that the total number of persons arrested for Breach of Curfew stood at 228. In addition, some 11,171 Face Mask tickets were issued in total so far, while 834 persons were arrested for Breach of the Public Health Regulations.

The Police Service also carried out 444 patrols across the country, over the last 24 hours.

“These patrols maintain visibility and vigilance in both commercial and residential areas throughout the 77 station districts. We also still maintained strategic roadblocks, checks, and anti-crime operations, and we continue to police our communities in addition to our COVID-19 duties,” DCP Christopher said on Tuesday.

TTPS COVID-19 Update for Wednesday 26 May 2021. (Image courtesy TTPS)

She observed that it was unnerving that after all this time, many citizens still refuse to adhere to the regulations and restrictions.

“I want to advise the ill-disciplined who are bent on breaching the regulations, that the police—although concerned for our health and the wellbeing for our families and loved ones—will, with due care, carry out our functions,” DCP Christopher warned.

“Do not be of the opinion that we are afraid of contracting the virus so we will not act.  We will abide by the safety standards, wearing our PPE, and will apprehend violators,” she added.

DCP Christopher also disclosed that they have received reports of taxi-drivers not adhering to restrictions on the number of persons to transport.

“I want to take this opportunity to inform commuters, it is the responsibility of the police to ensure compliance. But your welfare and the welfare of your family and loved ones, are your responsibilities. Do not compromise your health and safety. Your actions will influence the behaviour of the drivers. If you refuse to be the extra passenger, the drivers will eventually get the message,” she said, noting that the police will be paying more attention to this issue.