More COVID-19 facilities needed in Central—UNC Alderman


UNC Alderman on the Chaguanas Borough Council, Marissa Ramlogan, is calling on Government to set up COVID-19 care facilities in Central Trinidad, as the virus continues to rage through the population.

Alderman Ramlogan, who is also the Public Relations Officer of the UNC’s National Women’s Arm, told Guardian Media on Sunday the health facilities in Chaguanas are inadequate to handle COVID-19 cases in the event of a rapid outbreak.

“We are not seeing Government setting up additional care facilities in Central. We should be more proactive instead of reactive,” she said. “The Chaguanas Health Centre does not even have parking for a handful of vehicles and can only handle a limited number of patients.”

She added: “The Minister of Health has said that some patients would have to be home quarantined.  But of you look at some communities, many people live in cramped, tight housing conditions and in some areas, there are more than two houses on one lot of land. This may spell disaster for people living under these conditions. How are they going to stop COVID-19 and share facilities?”

Ramlogan said this country is not prepared to handle any exponential outbreak of the coronavirus, based on feedback she received from several interest groups with whom she had been liaising over the past week.

“Testing continues to be an issue because we are not getting enough testing done,” she pointed out. “We do not know the true number of cases we have in T&T.”

The UNC Alderman is urging all citizens to wear their masks properly to ensure everyone remains safe.