Flashback August: Ministry of Education ICT director Cory Belfon inspects one of the 20,000 Lenovo 100e laptops at the Ministry of Education Tower, St Vincent Street, Port-of-Spain, during the delivery of the devices.

Some 1,700 devices will be provided to 60,000 students identified as being without a device for online school.

There will also be a $203.7 million flood mitigation plan and a $56 million “Box drain” drive.

These all form part of the 2022 Public Sector Investment Plan.

According to the plan, work will be completed on research on the impact of the minimum wage.

And the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has a PSIP allocation of $141 million which will supply armoured carriers and other law enforcement assistance.

The PSIP document was laid in Parliament on Monday along with the 2022 Budget. The PSIP costs $4.2 Billion.

Under Digital Education Programme, the PSIP report listed $25 million for “an additional 1,700 devices, to outfit all 60,000 students identified (via the Ministry of Education’s Means est) in need.”

A further $10 million will be utilized for electrical upgrade works for the computerisation of 200 primary schools.

A plan will be developed and maintained throughout the life of the Digital Education Programme to identify and track projects, programme objectives, key deliverables and key performance indicators.

The Government will also sustain its investment in the Digital Education Programme for primary and secondary schools’ students of Government/Government Assisted Schools to facilitate online learning for students with no devices.

Some $35.0 million will be provided for the continued rollout of this initiative in 2022, “with a view to bridging the digital divide for students” according to the PSIP document.

Flood mitigation

To tackle flooding which wreaked havoc in new areas including the East-West corridor as well as Central and South Trinidad, the plans include quality drainage infrastructure, continuing river clearing, and rehabilitation/improvement works.

This will come via a total Ministry of Works investment of $203.7million for the development of modern drainage systems.

An additional $56.5 million will be invested by Local Government authorities for the construction of box drains and repair of existing drains throughout Trinidad.

Channels for attention on drainage, sluice gate and pump station issues and other work include Arouca, Maraval, St Ann’s, Diego Martin, Penal, St Helena, El Socorro, Woodland, Fyzabad, Penal,

Bamboo #1, St Helena Caroni, St Augustine, Chase Village and Guaracara.

There is also a $42 million programme to deal with coastal erosion in the east and south.

Health and development

The $552.6 investment in Health plans includes the completion of the 540 bed Port-of-Spain General Hospital Central Block by December 2022.

Some $0.6 million is provided to complete research on the impact of the minimum wage and “develop an econometric model to review, determine and monitor the minimum wage.”

Also, $40 million is allocated for continuing development of residential/agricultural lots for former Petrotrin employees to satisfy 1,500 applicants. The focus is on those who submitted agricultural business plans since beneficiaries will be expected to bolster local food security for at least 10 years.

Some locations approved by Cabinet for development and distribution are La Romain II, La Romain, Allamby Street, San Fernando, Ste Madeleine, San Fernando; Golconda, San Fernando, Glenroy II, Princes Town -sod-turning; Balmain, Couva, Guapo, Point Fortin.

Some $30 million is allocated for continuing work on San Fernando Waterfront project – boardwalk to be completed by April.

Plans to make the Mucurapo Foreshore a Greenspace with boardwalk are with a consultant doing preliminary tests.

The report confirmed there were no takers for requests for a proposed Tram Car system for Port-of-Spain and environs.

Promised projects

• $20.0 million for TTPS vehicles including armoured personnel carriers, sport utility vehicles, sedans and a long wheelbase 4×4.

• $10m for items including mobile device tracking systems, remote communication systems, surveillance systems and body camera systems

• Other TTPS systems which continue being upgraded include Digital Fingerprint Capture to process latent fingerprints and to enhance previously illegible latent prints; an Interrogator System of a complete digital interview room solution, designed specifically for investigators; inkless technology for the faster processing and identification of persons.

*$11 million for four Coast Guard interceptors.

*$1 million for the outfitting of completed early Childhood Centres and for payment of outstanding invoices to suppliers for outfitting. Also, $2 million for payment of outstanding commitments to contractors and for repair work to 25 centres.

* Foreign Affairs Ministry moves to St Clair circle; embassies in South Africa, Caracas, London, Jamaica being refurbished.

* Continued construction of 18 Community centres (mainly along the East-West corridor).

*Continued work on pools for Maloney, Morvant, D’Abadie and upgrades on pools in Diego Martin, Siparia, La Horquetta.

* George Street pan theatre for Desperadoes.

*Queen’s Park Savannah upgrade to increase rental potential by 100 per cent by 2023.

*Virtual court rooms at police stations in Guapo Four Roads, Central, Arouca, Princes Town, Chaguanas, Sangre Grande, Valencia.

* Forensic/pathology lab at Mt Hope with China’s assistance.

* Operationalisation of the National Tripartite Advisory Council with a secretariat (although unions have exited the council).

* New $25 million National Water Sector Transformation phased ten-year programme to secure water resources.