Francis Laptop- Shivanan Maharaj (left), a student of the Miracle Ministries High School, collects a laptop from SWAY director Ria DeGannes, on Friday at Felicity. Looking on is Councillor Wendy Francis. (Image: SHASTRI BOODAN)

The people of Felicity have been promised more police patrols following Thursday’s shooting incident in which a 52-year-old man was shot and seriously injured.

Wendy Francis, the Councillor for the area on the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, said the community is faced with a growing crime problem.  

She spoke with the media on Friday following a short ceremony to distribute a laptop and several vouchers at her Cacandee Road, Felicity offices.

“There has been an upsurge of criminal activity in Felicity, Endeavour, and Chaguanas by extension.  What we have seen is that the criminal elements have been working and studying the movements of the residents. With the increased number of tenants residing throughout the Felicity/Endeavour area, we’ve found that these persons are observing and timing the residents,” Councillor Francis said.

She added: “As the elected representative for Felicity/Endeavour, and as the Chairperson for the Disaster and Security committee of the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, I have been collaborating with the Municipal Police to increase police patrols.”

Councillor Francis said the vouchers and the laptop were donated by the group SWAY (Serving Women and Youth).  She said the laptop programme is ongoing and would target underprivileged children.

She also reported that food vouchers went to several families and were donated by a corporate entity.