Devant Maharaj stands near the anti-Kamla billboard on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Macoya, yesterday.

More billboards were erected yesterday calling for Political Leader of the United National Congress (UNC) Kamla Persad-Bissessar to step down as head of the party.

The latest were at the Macoya wholesale market, La Romaine and Claxton Bay.

The persons behind it, call themselves a concerned group of UNC members and are led by former government minister and senator, Devant Maharaj.

He started the campaign the same week the UNC lost the August 10 General Election.

Maharaj responded yesterday to Persad-Bissessar’s decision to challenge all comers in the party’s internal elections.

“It appears that she has no shame and has no sense of responsibility. She appears to be intoxicated and drunk with political power holding on at her own expense despite the losses and suffering imposed on the membership of the UNC. I think she should step down and not run for the internal elections. I think she has disqualified herself after losing eleven elections and trying to present all sort of logic to justify her loses,” he said.

He added: “Last night she said the UNC got more votes in Trinidad than the PNM this is what she is presenting as an olive branch of hope to the membership but the Trinidad and Tobago electorate is not based on the popular vote. If that was the case why did Mrs Persad-Bissessar not form her Cabinet today?”

The first billboard appeared in San Juan.

Maharaj said, “The money is coming from the UNC personnel’s simple people who are so disillusioned with the leadership of Kamla Persad Bissessar that they are willing to make the sacrifice in this time of COVID-19 because they recognise a strong opposition is needed to hold the government accountable.”

He added: “At the Monday Night Forum, she said she was brighter than the rest and I agree with her compared to the lot she has in the Parliament, yes she is indeed the brightest, but she is not the brightest in the UNC,” Maharaj said.

Maharaj said more billboards will go up over the coming weeks.