Residents of Morne Roche, Gasparillo, today staged a fiery protest over deplorable road conditions. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)

Residents of Morne Roche, Gasparillo, blocked the road with burning debris during an early morning protest today, over deplorable road conditions.

This is the second time for the week that the residents are protesting, and they have vowed to continue until funds are released to repair their road.

“We’re fed up of the same thing over and over. We want we road fixed!” chanted residents.

Spokesperson Dwight Brizan said residents came out as early as 5 am. He said the road is damaging people’s vehicles, bursting tyres, causing accidents and taxi drivers are charging more money to service the area.

He said residents also experience flooding because there isn’t have proper drainage and that, too, is contributing to the road’s deterioration.  Recently, he said, a trailer truck went down in a landslide.

The residents’ protest was supported by their MP Anita Haynes.

The police and fire service also were on the scene.