The firearm seized by police which was found in the backpack dropped by the suspect. (Image: TTPS)

Moruga Police officers are actively searching for a man in connection with a firearm discovery in the Moruga district, yesterday.

Official police reports indicate that on Wednesday 24th June 2020, officers were on mobile patrol duty along John Joe Road, Marac Village, Moruga, where they observed a man known to them acting suspiciously walking along the said road.

As the officers approached the 31-year-old suspect, he began running.

The officers gave chase; however, the man dropped a blue coloured backpack and eluded capture.

The officers subsequently took possession of the backpack and on checking its contents, discovered a black shotgun.

The firearm was seized, and a warrant is being obtained for the man.

An arrest is said to be imminent.

The police operation involved officers of the Joint Patrol Unit, Southern Division Task Force and the Moruga Police Station (including PCs Ramnanan and Boodram).