Sascha Wilson

People National Movement (PNM) supporters yesterday blocked the roads in Moruga with burning debris threatening to withhold their vote if their incumbent MP Dr. Lovell Francis is not selected to contest the seat a second time.

Making it clear that they will not support the Moruga/Tableland constituency executive nominee Winston “Gypsy” Peters, the residents sent a clear message to political leader and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley – “No Lovell Francis, no vote.”

From early yesterday morning, scores of residents blocked roads in La Lune and New Grant with burning debris to express their anger with the committee’s decision.

While Peters has not yet faced the screening committee he is the sole nominee for this constituency.

“Prime Minister, know what you doing. Come to the people,” said La Lune resident Karen Pope who reminded the PNM that their constituency is a marginal seat.

Questioning on what basis and who made the decision not to give Francis the nod, Pope said they will not give their vote or support to Peters. “We the people did not give Gypsy that okay. We don’t want Gypsy in our community. I find when we have good representation (from Francis).”

She said they still see Peters, who served under the Peoples Partnership administration, as a member of the United National Congress. “You see by PNM putting Gypsy, to me in my eyesight, it come like you putting a UNC against UNC,” she aded.

Confident that if Francis fights the seat the PNM will regain the seat, she said, “We supporting Dr Lovell Francis a 100 per cent. He do bridges, he do roads, he help the children to get education, to get good jobs, he do houses for the people.”

Terique Lucas, 19, said Francis also has the support of the young people in the constituency.

“He taught me from since primary school and he was never a bad person. He was always a good guy. He help people.” Lucas said.

Calling on Prime Minister to select him as the candidate, Lucas lamented that Peters was not from the constituency.

“I just want to make it clear that we don’t want Gypsy representing Moruga/Tableland. He will loss and they will loss their seat for down here,” Lucas said

Another resident Jewel Douglas said Francis comes from the bowels of the community, is accessible, and has done a lot for the residents. “We should nah do him that. That come like we disrespect him and eh show him that we care and we appreciate the things he do,” said Douglas.

She added, “We don’t want him to leave we as yet. A next five years we will appreciate it, uncle Keith Rowley. Let Gypsy know thanks for coming down Moruga…but we don’t want yuh.” Not only will the residents not stain their finger, but they also threatened to intensify their protests throughout the protest and even take it to the doorstep of the Prime Minister’s office.