A 38-year-old man was shot and killed in Morvant on Sunday night.

The victim has been identified as Hasan Sanchez, of 50 Granado Street, Sawmill Avenue, Morvant.

Police officers who responded to a report of a shooting in the area around 10.55 pm found Sanchez lying motionless on the roadway.

He had been shot multiple times about the body.

In an unrelated shooting, a 62-year-old man, of Thompson Trace, Laventille Extension Road, Morvant, accidentally shot himself while hunting in the Las Cuevas forest.

Investigators said around 3.45 pm, the victim, who is the holder of firearm user’s license and owner of a black 6 shooter Bernelli shotgun, was hunting with others in the Las Cuevas forest off Rincon Road, when he left them to hunt in another area.

One of the hunters told police he heard a gunshot and later heard the victim calling for help. The victim told him he slipped and fell and was shot on the left side of his face with his own shotgun.

The victim was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he is in a stable but serious condition.