Jahdil Xavier

A mother’s pain of losing her 15-year-old to a gun not only caused pain and sadness but a description of how “demonic” T&T has become.Speaking at the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday, Denise Williams, the mother of Jahdil Xavier, 15, who was gunned down at Pinto Road in Arima shortly after 7 pm on Sunday, said the only motive she can “come up with” is that her son was killed because of jealousy. She said her son was very intelligent, tall and handsome and was a favourite in the area among the many children. “When he comes from school…he used to go to Malabar Secondary School, they would come and call him out. He was a favourite…they always called him out to lime with them,” an emotional Williams said. She said her son was shot about eight times including once in the leg, two shots in the chest and one in the abdomen.“I went to work yesterday (Sunday) and his father pick me up…Jahdil was home all day. I made breakfast for him…he does usually go a few houses down by us and I told him many times stop liming there…I always used to tell him that Pinto Road is not a safe area but he went and like they know he was there and as he stepped out of the house to come back home they shot him in the leg and then chest and abdomen,” Williams said. “His father heard the gunshots but we didn’t think it was him until a little girl ran up and told us they just shot Jahdil…I just ran in the house screaming. His father went and a friend and him picked him up and took him to the hospital but he died on the way,” she added. Xavier’s mother reminisced about how much her son loved his belly.

“He loved lentil peas and macaroni pie and would always talk about his grandmother and her cooking…he loved to sing and always wanted to be a rapper and he always told me that when he grows up he will bring two children for me,” she said.

She added: “This place is getting too dangerous…they are targeting young people. It has become too demonic and evil—for them to put seven or eight bullets in my son to kill my baby…they know he was there. They knew he was coming out to come home,” Williams said. Asked if she thinks she will get justice for her son’s murder, the woman replied: “I don’t want to say that the police will get to the bottom of this because the police have so much to do already but they should really come up with some kind of satisfaction for the family but its only so much that the police can do. This place is just demonic, they take away my son just like that.” Xavier’s father, Gill Xavier, said during the COVID-19 pandemic and while his son was home it got him (son) thinking alot about his future.

“He had so many goals to achieve and we would always talk about it. He wanted to become a web designer,”the elder Xavier said.