Kizziann Cupid, aunt of Tenile Cupid (inset), who was found dead at a WASA well site in Santa Flora on Tuesday, advises women to get out of abusive relationships.

Less than a month after Tenile Cupid returned to her mother’s home after ending an intimate relationship, she was found murdered.

Cupid’s nude body was discovered at a WASA well site in a field road in Santa Flora on Tuesday. There was a wound to her head.

Cupid, 23, a Cepep worker and mother of two children aged four and eight, ended the relationship about three weeks ago. On Tuesday night, the man visited her mother’s Fyzabad home. She left with him around 10.20 pm to get something to eat but she never returned home, police said.

Cupid’s mother Nathalie Monzano reported her missing to the police the following morning. Later that day, around 3.10 pm, a WASA employee discovered her body at Well#8 Syncline Road, Santa Flora.

As relatives tried to come to terms with her death yesterday, they said they had heard she was being abused but noted she never confided in them.

Her aunt Kizziann Cupid said, “We heard that they were in a domestic violence constantly, so she will leave and come home, leave and go back, leave and come home until this time I think she did not decide to go back.”

However, she said her niece always had a smile on her face.

“We never saw no bruises on her…she always smiling. Whether Tenile in stress or not, she eye red, even if she look like she crying you would not know because she always smiling. She always tried to hide it with a smile so unless she open up and tell you, you would not really know what going on with her.”

Describing her niece as a jolly, free-spirited helpful person, Kizziann advised victims of domestic violence to speak out.

“So do not stay in a relationship where abuse is going on, whether verbally, physically, mentally.”

Whether it’s a church or a friend, she appealed to them to get help. She also advised men to walk away and not bring grief and sorrow to families.

Recalling the recent killing of Reshma Kanchan allegedly, who was also alledged to be a victim of abuse, she said, “It sad.” She said on Tuesday she heard Cupid was missing and then the police informed them that a body was found and asked them to come down to confirm whether it was her niece.

“We did not get to see the body but we saw on the phone. The police show us on the phone it was her. Wounded, beat up, real sad but it real.”

Lamenting the prevalence of domestic violence in the country, Cupid’s grandfather Clarence, 73, said men should not be abusing women.

“It is not a good thing for men to be beating women. I know that is not a good thing for sure. I have a wife for 33 years, I never hit her a day. This is real sad thing that happening here. Not only here, all over the place.”

He had a message to men.

“Keep your hands at their hands. Don’t hit people children. I sure most of them have mother and sister and they would not like to see their mother and sister in that kind of position.”

Extending their condolences to the family, villagers described Cupid as a very nice person who did not deserve to die in such a manner.

Police are looking for the man to assist them with their investigations. An autopsy is carded for Friday at the Forensic Science Centre, Port-of-Spain.