Andy Dyer crosses the plank at the back of his home on the edge of the St Joseph River, which has eroded its banks after recent heavy rains.


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A mother of four is fearful she and her family would soon become homeless if nothing is done soon to prevent a landslide that currently threatens their home.

Monica Cambridge, 44, of Light Pole 14, Riverside Road, Curepe said it was ten years ago when she first noticed the retaining wall, which held up the dirt at the back of her house, had been coming apart.

“When it first happened, I called the ODPM, and the Tunapuna Regional Corporation and was only told it was not their department that dealt with that, and I needed to call the Ministry of Works and Transport as they handled these things,” said Cambridge.

However, Cambridge said when she went to the Ministry of Works and Transport at its Curepe office, she was told if she did not have a certificate of comfort for the structure which originally belonged to her father-in-law if, they could do nothing about it.

Cambridge explained, the structure located just in front of a river that runs to Maracas, St Joseph, was constructed by her father-in-law who fell ill and passed before he could access a certificate of comfort.

But a subsequent visit to the same office gave her a different response.

“When I went back another person told me I did not need to have a certificate of comfort to have such a matter accessed or addressed,” said Cambridge.

An official report was taken at that juncture, Cambridge said, and officials were sent to her home who took measurements of the area of the landslide, but nothing was done and she has not heard from or seen anyone from the Ministry of Works and Transport since.

“I am really afraid right now that an entire collapse could happen as the dirt is an inch from the house and with the recent weather it is getting worse. Right now to get to the other side of the house from the back, we had to run a piece of board from one room to the other, because without this, the landslide has made impassable,” Cambridge explained.

She said, not only did she fear losing her home, but she was worried about the possible injuries her family could sustain should a complete collapse occur.

Cambridge expressed, she was weary of knocking on every possible door for help and just getting the run-around.

“From my councillor to my MP (Member of Parliament) to the regional corporation and the Ministry of Works and Transport, I have repeatedly reached out to and have followed through with all instructions given and yet, nothing is happening…nothing has been done,” Cambridge lamented.

Guardian Media contacted the Minister of Works and Transport, Rohan Sinanan who said he was unaware of the issue but would dispatch an officer to assess the matter once he was furnished with the requisite information.

He said however, there were several reasons why landslides occurred and it was only following an assessment, he could have a better understanding of what caused that of Cambridge’s.