David Bashay, dressed as Santa Claus, lead members of the T&T Drifters motorcycle club as they ride out from Pond Road Aripero Village, South Oropouche, after delivering hampers and snack bags for residents, yesterday.

Sascha Wilson

Led by a motorcyclist dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, a group of riders from T&T Drifters Motorcycle Club rode into a depressed community in South Oropouche bringing smiles to the faces of scores of children.

More than 30 food hampers, baskets and cases of water, as well as 65 snack bags were given out by the group during the brief, but memorable visit to the village at Pond Road, Aripero Village.

David “Dhalpower” Bashay said they found the community when they came to deliver food and other items for a family after they were highlighted by Guardian Media a few weeks ago.

“One of our members saw the plight of one family down here Ms crystal and when we came to donate some stuff we realise that the whole village needed help so that’s why we back here today to distribute for the whole village.”

To bring the children a little more joy, Bashay said he decided to pull on his Santa suit.

He said, “Because we know it have 65 little children here to make the children smile. So we know it is said that it is not the Christmas thing we do is the Christ-like thing you do all year through. So to put a smile on somebody face that is why I dress like Santa.”

They thought that Emancipation Day would be an appropriate day to visit the community because “it’s all about freedom we are free to our country we are free.”

Not even the rain deterred the group consisting of about 25 riders.

“The rain is a blessing from God so nobody complaining about the wet,” he said.

With many people out of jobs due to the pandemic, he said there is a lot of suffering.

“And we decide we are fortunate enough to help others. God is love and we decided to share out love with the village,” Bashay said

Once they get support, Bashay said they will continue to assist families.

Since her plight was featured by Guardian Media, Crystal Dick says her living situation has improved.

She was happy that her community was also benefiting.

“I am feeling glad and thankful that others can get help as well, ah glad children could get ah lil excitement, school is over so seeing a lot of bikers is a lot of excitement for them,” she said