Khadijah Ameen

MP for St Augustine Khadijah Ameen is commending army officers for their heroic act in saving the life of a CEPEP worker in St Augustine. The following is an official release from the MP:

MP for St Augustine, Khadijah Ameen is today commending the heroic act of members of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment who acted with speed and compassion to save the life of a CEPEP worker in St. Augustine. According to a news report, on Wednesday 18th August, workers of a CEPEP team in the vicinity of St John’s Road, St Augustine alerted members of the regiment in the area that one of their sixty-year-old colleages by the name of Junior Fermin was having a heart attack.

The officers who were attached to the first engineer battalion in Cumuto Barracks rushed to the scene to assist. Senior aircraft woman, Melony Pacheco administered CPR on sixty-year-old Fermin. Army officers, Corporal Richard Smith, Corporal Cordel Cudjoe and Private KC Edwards then rushed Fermin to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

Emergency doctors on site discovered that he was having a massive heart attack and was immediately warded and listed in a critical condition. Doctors there praised the officers for their speedy actions because had they not assisted, Mr. Fermin would have died.

MP Ameen joins with many others to commend and salute these officers who acted swiftly to save the life of an elderly citizen. She stated that this incident took place in a part of St. Augustine that does not fall within the constituency she represents, but recognizes it is a beacon of hope, humanity and patriotism in a time when callousness, selfishness and lack of care might be seen as the order of the day. She stated that it is not every day that persons step out of their normal line of duty to perform such humanitarian acts and that the officers must be recognised and congratulated for the heroic actions.

In closing, the MP for St Augustine wished Mr. Fermin a speedy recovery and suggested that there should be a special honouring for brave men and women in the protective service who give freely to their fellow men and country on a daily basis for compassionate acts such as these to encourage patriotism and humanitarianism especially outside of their assigned duties.