Chaguanas West MP Dinesh Rambally.

Chaguanas West Member of Parliament, Dinesh Rambally has labelled comments made by Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh as “insensitive” and “offensive,” adding his constituents are outraged.

The MP in a statement said the Minister, during yesterday’s Ministry of Health press briefing, unjustifiably admonished Caroni residents to stop bar hopping.

MP Rambally accused Minister Deyalsingh of profiling these residents as alcoholics and added the Minister failed to provide any link between the proliferation of cases with the bars in the Caroni area specifically.

“Of course, under the guise of patient information and confidentiality, I expect no such clarification, even as he gets away with alluding to these residents as drunkards,” the Chaguanas West MP said.

He added that he rejects the placing of such blame on the Caroni residents.

“But the minister is being true to the mantra of his administration – Blame! Blame! Blame! They accept no responsibility for when things go wrong – which is plenty and often,” the MP said.

The Chaguanas West Mp suggested Minister Deyalsingh make better use of his time and press conference addressing the population on issues such as—what is this government doing to close the gap in vaccine procurement; or whether he has partnered with any other international agency or government, such as Cuba, to address future vaccine needs; or what is the government doing to allay the fears of the population that vaccines are safer than the virus; or what is the government policy on vaccinating the younger persons in the country, or who will be prioritised for the Pfizer vaccine, given its use is approved for the younger population.