David Abdulah

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Despite less than favourable results in 2019’s Local Government Elections, the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) will contest the upcoming general elections.

At a media conference at the MSJ’s San Fernando headquarters yesterday, political leader David Abdulah hinted at contesting a constituency. Abdulah said it was a tradition among the parties that the political leader contest.

However, he will announce which seat he fights for on another occasion.

The MSJ’s decision to contest the upcoming election came after the party’s council met with its executive last month.

“On the basis of the recommendations of the executive and on the basis of very extensive discussions at that council meeting, we have decided that the MSJ will be definitely contesting the General Election 2020. Our nomination process is open so we are publicly inviting members of the MSJ and others who may wish to stand as a candidate for the MSJ in the upcoming general election to offer themselves,” Abdulah said.

The MSJ last sat in Parliament when it formed part of the People’s Partnership (PP) coalition government in 2010.

The five-party PP, led by the United National Congress (UNC), ousted the then Patrick Manning-led People’s National Movement (PNM) from office. But after two years, the party left the coalition, saying that former prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s was unwilling to deal with corruption.

Asked yesterday if the MSJ would team-up with former prime minister Basdeo Panday “Third Force” initiative, Abdulah said the party has not decided yet.

“I did have one or two telephone conversations with Mr Panday. We have not attended any of the meetings that he has convened, but we are aware of what is taking place. We have been in conversation with several other leaders of other political parties. There has been no determination as far as I am aware as to the Panday initiative and where that is going nor have we come to any conclusion as to any arrangements with any other political parties.”

Nomination forms for the MSJ are available on the party’s website, at their headquarters and through their various activists.