MSJ leader David Abdullah voted at the Preysal Community Centre.


Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader, David Abdullah says the party will respect COVID-19 regulations and meet virtually tonight for the election results.

Speaking to the media outside of the Preysal Community Centre where he cast his vote shortly before noon, Abdullah said the voting process was smooth and incident-free.

He said the MSJ is doing all it can to adhere to social distancing and Covid guidelines.

“This evening all of our candidates will be located at their respective constituency offices getting the feedback from the polling station, for our polling agents as to what our poll counts are, ” Abdullah said.

He said a general meeting will be held later tonight but that meeting will be done virtually.

“We do plan later in the evening to link our various campaigns together in a virtual meeting, a zoom meeting, where we could get interaction from our candidates and their various team’s as to how they felt about the election, how they felt a bot the campaign and I will be addressing all of the campaign teams later from the Pointe-a-Pierre campaign office.”

Abdullah said with the second wave of the Covid-19 virus already started, all citizens and especially leaders need to do their part to promote a safe election.