MTS workers protest over claims about the lack of transparency and nepotism at MTS office, Rushworth Street, San Fernando, yesterday.

Hundreds of workers from the National Maintenance Training and Security Company Limited (MTS) are threatening to down tools from next Monday if the company’s management fails to address a litany of concerns.

During a protest on Monday, a handful of senior-level staff called for the removal of a senior manager whom they say is running the company to the ground.

Supervisor Linda Young said many workers do not have the basic necessities to work.

“We do not have gloves, dust masks or even uniforms. We have to buy this from our pockets. We have reached a point where we are working and we not even getting money,” she said.

Young added, “I have decided that if my workers have no gloves to clean the washrooms, from Monday morning, they will not be cleaning washrooms. They have no dust masks, they will not be cob webbing. They have no garbage bags, the bins will remain like that. Something has to happen here,” she added.

She also said there was no accountability or transparency in the way the office was being run.

“ You cannot question them, you get bullied, victimised and cannot ask any questions about what is going on in the south office. We have supervisors meeting month after month and them afraid to ask a question,” Young said.

Another worker Sherry Apping Parris said some workers have started buying equipment for themselves.

“This is becoming difficult to do because when we do buy the stuff we have to wait until they get money in order to refund us back our money,” she said.

She noted, “Not all the time we have money to buy and when we do buy the stuff we have to wait for reimbursement.”

New Business Supervisor Wendy Meade- Ramlochan said there were also issues with getting uniforms for staff.

“We are facing no uniforms, lack of materials, nepotism, no transparency and no accountability. We need to stop this nepotism that is going on in this company here today,” she added.

Contacted for comment, manager of corporate communications at MTS, Adrian Raymond confirmed that two employees had written to the south regional manager expressing concerns.

“Prior to this morning’s protest, the company in accordance with the grievance procedure as established in the Collective Agreement between MTS and Transport and Industrial Workers Union was arranging to have the employees meet with their Divisional Manager and the Human Resources Team. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday,” Raymond said.

He added that all their concerns can be ventilated at that forum adding, “The company, therefore, will not be making any further statement at this time in an effort not to bias the discussions or any additional enquiries that may come out of the said meeting.”