Sherian Huggins

The children of Sherian Huggins, 29, who was killed by her former husband on Wednesday at her home in Laventille, are receiving counselling and are said to be “doing good so far.”

Their grandmother, who witnessed the brutal attack, is also receiving counselling.

Speaking with the Guardian Media yesterday, Huggins’ mother-in-law, Lorna St Louis said many arms of the Police Service, including the Inter-Agency Task Force, have reached out to them in providing counselling and support services.

“One of the boys’ schools have also arranged sessions for the children. It is going good so far and we all are coping. I have faith that my grandchildren will be ok mentally with this after these sessions.”

Huggins, the self-employed mother of four, was chopped to death and her body found half-naked at her home in Laventille on Wednesday morning.

The suspect, her estranged husband, identified as Kevon “LA” Harris, fled the scene and was subsequently found hanging from a tree at Woodford Square in Port-of-Spain.

According to a police report, around 4 am Wednesday, a close female relative of the suspect told police that she heard Huggins and the suspect in an argument.

Upon checking the female relative saw the suspect armed with a cutlass and chopping Huggins about her body.

When she called out for help, police said, the suspect ran away.

Police officers who were called to the scene found Huggins dead with multiple chop wounds to the upper torso and neck.

Police said Huggins’ body was clad only in a multi-coloured top.

Huggins’ brother-in-law Isaiah Worrell said the family were very concerned about the well-being of one of Huggins’ children – a ten-year-old who tried to fight off his mother’s killer.

“He is very traumatised and we are worried about him because this can affect him you know and his father was killed by police some years ago, now to see his mother killed it real traumatising for him and the rest of the children. We have them by relatives but they are very traumatised.”

He described Huggins as a “good person, respectable, always quiet and one not to hold talk with plenty people as she was a practising Muslim and wore the hijab. This is a shocking thing to us here in the community and they divorced about two months now. It is a shocker to hear a Muslim brother kill a Muslim sister but we know she is in Paradise.”

Huggins will be laid to rest today following a funeral service that will be held at the mosque in Laventille around midday.