Nafeesa Mohammed has tendered her resignation as Deputy Political Leader of the PNM.

Confirmation that Nafeesa Mohammed has resigned as Deputy Political Leader of the People’s National Movement (PNM).

The following is the full text of the statement issued by Nafeesa Mohammed, indicating her resignation from the party… 

It is with a sense  of deep regret  but at the same time with a great sense of relief that I formally announce  my resignation  from the People’s  National Movement.

Events over the past few years have burdened  me and as much as I tried to have resolution  and clarity  to certain  matters,I was met with arrogance  and downright  disrespect  from the political  directorate.

This country  does not  deserve a bullying Prime Minister, an arrogant  Attorney  General  and an incompetent  Minister  of National  Security.

My  full  statement  will indicate  in greater details  some of the issues  I had to deal with,but suffice it to say,I have had enough.

As a Former Deputy Political  Leader of the People’s  National  Movement, a Former  Senator, a Former Chairman of the San Juan/Laventille Regional  Corporation and a Former Senior Legal  Advisor to the Prime Minister  and as a child of the PNM,the time has come for me to come out of Banwas and to continue to stand up for justice, fairness, equity and equality in our Sweet  Trinidad  and Tobago..

I wish to state publicly  that since 2018,I have felt as though I was forced into exile as a form of punishment for being  outspoken about  injustices I witnessed firsthand in my community and country and after two  years  with  no one  in leadership positions seeing it fit to investigate ,far less repair the damage  done to persons, families and communities, I have  reached  a crossroad where  I have decided  to resign  from the People’s  National  Movement.

I no longer feel that I belong to  this once great  movement that my Uncle, my parents and so many  of my blood relatives had helped  to build even before 1956

I pray  that all citizens  will be able  to go out  in their  numbers  on August 10th 2020 and exercise their  franchise freely  and free from fear so that we can all come together with  all hands on deck to rebuild, restore and reconstruct our broken nation. Let us unite for  a better  Trinidad  and Tobago.

Aadab Arz,Khuda Hafiz.

Nafessa Mohammed.

Attorney  at Law.