“The police are our friends, they are our protectors.” Urging the public to respect and cooperate with law enforcement officials as their job is to protect and serve, the United National Congress’s (UNC) candidate for Tunapuna David Nakhid has described it as ironic that these situations were emerging in some of the People’s National Movement (PNM) strongholds.

He said the UNC aimed to unite T&T and they should not be afraid of speaking out on behalf of those communities.

Calling for harmony between the police and members of the disaffected communities, Nakhid said his comments last Tuesday which related to the killing of three men by police on June 27 in Morvant, were taken out of context.

Nakhid was publicly chastised after a social media post which read, “For now the TTPS is the enemy but the memory of justice is long and unforgiving.”

Nakhid said on Saturday, “It is incumbent on all of us to speak about the serious problems that affect these communities. We must not be shy to say that these communities are the communities the PNM Government has disenfranchised…proof positive is that all of a sudden there is a recovery programme for these same communities.”

Speaking with reporters during the launch of a Football Extravaganza at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Nakhid said although it commenced in the Tunapuna constituency, it will be extended into various communities along the East/West Corridor in the coming weeks.

“We are starting off with the teams from the Tunapuna constituency and this will eventually lead to the formation of an all-star team consisting of the best players from each team, and we will see them play other teams along the East/West Corridor right up to La Horquetta/Talparo.”

Reaffirming the UNC’s intention to use sports as the vehicle to elevate disenfranchised youths, the former international footballer said, “The sporting programmes in communities located along the East/West Corridor are non-existent under the PNM and we want to bring it back especially at the grassroots level.”

Unfazed over the announcement that the general election would be held on August 10, Nakhid said the UNC has always been ready.

He said, “Our team in Tunapuna is as strong as ever. We were just waiting on the bell to be rung and we are ready to go. We have been walking the ground and we are set. We are ready to put the PNM Government where they belong…in the history of politics of T&T.

“I am a son of not only the Tunapuna community but the East/West Corridor and people recognise that I am genuine, I am real. I want real change. I am not here to just attend funerals and weddings. I am here to make a positive impact on all the constituents of Tunapuna.”