Discussions on Cooperation: Candice Hector, Manager, Marketing and Communications, NIHERST and Debbie Goodman, Manager, Corporate Communications, NALIS. (Image courtesy NALIS)

At the peak of a pandemic, where the norm of social distancing and separation is being postulated, two entities, the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) and the National Library and Information System Authority have teamed up for the benefit of the nation and the advancement of its people.

The collaboration was commemorated by the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) by NIHERST’s President, Marleen Lord-Lewis, and NALIS’ Executive Director, Paula Greene. 

In its workings, the mutual agreement will focus on key developmental areas, such as the establishment and/or extension of science corners in the Secondary School Libraries, Public Libraries and other libraries in the NALIS network; the facilitation of information exchange, and assistance with content development for the advancement of Science Technology and Innovation (STI) in the public domain.

The established working committee also will coordinate exhibitions and expeditions to develop interactive communication forums/activities to stimulate interest in STI; promote problem-solving, creative and critical thinking skills and to improve the primary and secondary school curriculum statistics.

Regarding the cooperation, Marleen Lord-Lewis shared: “Our environment is gradually transforming to a digitalised landscape and NIHERST given its core values, has a social responsibility to provide persons with the tools to champion the virtual world of today.”

NALIS’ Paula Greene echoed similar sentiments: “The nation’s people, especially our youth, is a resilient body, once equipped with the mechanisms, will progress society to one synonymous with scientific reasonings, technological applications, and innovative advancements. NALIS is poised towards providing such mechanisms.”

Both entities understand that their stakeholders are now operating in a vast digitalised era, hence the move to combine expertise and resources to impact the national community. The signed partnership is for an initial duration of two years. However, with the missions of both entities revolving around society’s developmental goals, NIHERST and NALIS will continue to foster joint efforts in the areas of national development.

The NIHERST was established to provide and promote science, technology, and higher education while enhancing the innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial capabilities in science and technology relevant to the developmental needs of the general population.

NALIS is mandated to facilitate Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural, economic, educational, and social development.

“Through individual community development initiatives and proactive investments into future-proofing the next generation, it is evident that both entities share a commitment to attaining sustainable socio-economic and environmental transformation,” an official statement from NALIS said.