A few of the produce items which would have been included in the relief food hampers distributed under Government’s COVID-19 Relief Food Support Programme, since May 7th, 2021. (Image courtesy NAMDEVCO)

NAMDEVCO, the National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation, is reporting that to date, it has delivered 75,000 food boxes under Government’s COVID-19 Relief Food Support Programme, which commenced on May 7th, 2021.

According to an official statement issued in NAMDEVCO’s social media pages, the nation’s farmers have contributed tremendously to ensuring that thousands of vulnerable families received much needed food support since the State of Emergency began.

NAMDEVCO reports that for the month of July, in addition to receiving half dozen eggs and a package with two locally processed chickens, each programme beneficiary would have received food baskets containing: sweet potato, dasheen, cassava, plantain, squash, pineapple, citrus, melongene, pawpaw, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, breadfruit, cucumbers, bodi, dasheen leaves, pimento, sweet pepper, hot pepper, ochro and tomatoes, with slight variations.

Also, for July, an additional 9,000 families, through their Local Government Councillors, have received 20,000 soup packs processed at NAMDEVCO’s Piarco Packinghouse and 20,000 chickens.

Image courtesy NAMDEVCO.