National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds.

Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds has given a “thumbs” up to the process and the operations of the reopening of T&T’s borders last Saturday.

In an interview with Guardian Media, Hinds said of travel resumption, “so far so good.”

“From the reports, I am getting from the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the thing is rolling out quite nicely and I’ve had a few calls from people of which I have accepted personally and I’m getting only favourable responses, said Hinds.

Although boasting about the process when asked if there were any hiccups throughout the weekend’s event, Hinds admitted there were few, but nothing major and assured those hiccups were addressed immediately and resolved.

“One of them is that I think the platform did not provide for vessels…um seaports. And I think…not think. That has been addressed. Nothing in life is perfect, but from all the reports I’ve had… so far, so good,” he reiterated.

Guardian Media reached out to Caribbean Airlines (CAL) Head of Corporate Communications, Dionne Ligoure, to get an overall idea of the number of departures and arrivals altogether over the weekend, Ligoure said in total, there were 11.

Reporter: Bobie-Lee Dixon