FLASHBACK - Trinidadian nationals who returned home from Guyana leave the Piarco International Airport in this photo from late March 2020. (Image: ABRAHAM DIAZ)

State quarantine or state-supervised quarantine for seven days for returning T&T nationals is one of several changes to the COVID-19 Exemption Policy, which were announced by Minister of National Security, Stuart Young MP, yesterday.

Non-nationals still won’t be allowed into the country, unless there are exceptional circumstances necessitating such.

And from November 15th, returning nationals must be able to produce a negative PCR test showing they are negative for COVID-19, which is no older than three days.

A release issued by the Ministry of National Security has detailed eight key changes to the Policy, which has been implemented since this country closed its borders in March 2020.

The full text of the Ministry’s statement, follows…


Port of Spain:  At a media conference held at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s today, (Saturday November 07, 2020), Minister of National Security, the Honourable Stuart R. Young  M.P.,  gave  an  update  on  the  exemption  policy  for  those  Trinidad  and  Tobago nationals who wish to enter this country while the current border restrictions remain in place, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister Young announced the following modifications to the Exemption Policy:

1. Nationals of Trinidad Tobago are still required to apply for an exemption to enter or exit this country.

2. Non-nationals are still not permitted to enter Trinidad and Tobago, except in certain exceptional circumstances.

3. Government priority remains getting nationals of Trinidad and Tobago back home on a  first  come  first  serve  basis,  whilst  applying  the  existing  policies  that  have  been previously stated. As such, exemptions and the granting of approvals will depend on the number of persons in the queue and are based on the quarantine space available.

4.  From  Sunday  November  15,  2020,  nationals  entering  Trinidad  and  Tobago  will  be required to provide a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, which was taken within 72 hours before arrival into this country.

5.  Upon  arrival,  nationals  will  be  required  to  be  placed  in  state  quarantine  or  state supervised quarantine for seven (7) days. Persons will be tested on the sixth day of their quarantine and released once they test negative.

6. When applying for an exemption to return home, persons will be required to indicate whether they wish to pay and be placed in state supervised quarantine. We ask that when applying, persons provide all of the information for all family members who will be going into state supervised quarantine.

7. State supervised quarantine facilities will be at the KAPOK, Chancellor, Cascadia and Regent Star Hotels.

8. All nationals who are seeking to return home for the Christmas Holiday will be required to pay for state supervised quarantine. This includes students and other nationals who are returning for short visits and expecting to leave Trinidad and Tobago after their short stays here.

Those seeking exemptions to enter Trinidad and Tobago should send their  applications and bio data pages of their passports along with the other information listed above, if applicable, to:- [email protected]