Nichola Harvey-Mitchell

The Children’s Authority has announced the appointment of Nichola Harvey-Mitchell as the new Director of the agency.

The authority said in a statement yesterday that Harvey-Mitchell brings 23 years of blended corporate and professional experience to the organisation in the fields of technology, business operations, human resource, human services, marketing and media.

She holds an MBA (International), mini MBA in Telecoms, BSc in Sociology and Management and attained several local and international certificates in Customer Service, Leadership, Organisational Development, Change Management, Public Relations and Positive Psychology.

Hanif Benjamin, chairman of the board of management of the authority said, “Since Mrs Harvey-Mitchell is no stranger to challenging portfolios, I am confident that she has the tenacity to steer the organisation.”

He adds that, “Her seven years of experience leading an NGO that educates and provides opportunities for ‘at potential’ youth from ‘at risk communities’ in Trinidad and Tobago in the areas of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment, is a significant benefit for the authority.”

The authority said the chairman, board of management, executive and all staff, look forward to the contribution of Nichola Harvey-Mitchell, in charting the way forward as the authority continues to champion the call to make “Child protection everybody’s business”.