MV Cabo Star

From Monday, the MV Cabo Star will be departing from Port of Spain at 2:00p.m. instead of 1:00 pm, following an adjustment to its sailing times during the work week.

The change goes into effect from Monday 6th September 2021, according to an advisory issued by the Management of Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Transportation Company Limited (TTIT), to alert all port users, truckers, and shippers that utilize the MV Cabo Star.

The TTIT advises that persons affected by the schedule change are not required to revalidate their tickets.

In addition, all port users, truckers, and shippers are reminded that all commercial vehicles that are waiting to board the MV Cabo Star should use the holding area which is located on the Eastern side of the GSS compound.

The following is the amended Sailing Schedule during September 2021 for the MV Cabo Star…

Monday to Friday      Depart from Trinidad 2:00 pm         Depart from Tobago 11:00 pm

Sunday                       Depart from Trinidad 12:30 pm       Depart from Tobago 11:00 pm

Saturday                    No sailing

Public holiday           No sailing