Not losing weight? Here are a few reasons why..

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 03:15

Losing weight takes a concentrated effort and for many, a major lifestyle change. You need to exercise regularly, eat better, get lots of sleep and reduce stress. Sounds impossible right? And even if you do all of these things perfectly, deciding what type of exercise to do poses another challenge- do you lift weights or do cardio? Cardio is good for maximizing your calorie burn and getting rid of excess fat, but isn't lifting weights good for building lean muscle and burning excess calories even when you're at rest? Confusing right? 


To help us answer a few of these mind boggling questions, we have Personal Trainer Jared Seebright. Jared is the owner and head personal trainer at Optimal Wellness and has been a personal trainer for the last six years. He specialises in strength and conditioning but uses the term loosely and this does not properly describe his holistic approach to exercise. He caters to a number of clients with different needs and goals and tailors their programs to suit. 


What exercises should someone do for weight loss and why? 


When weight loss is the desired goal, compound movements performed at a high intensity would be ideal to achieve your goals. Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises that work several muscle groups at once. A squat is a great example of a compound exercise as it engages muscles in the lower body and core. Compound movements also engage most major muscles in the body depending on the movements you do. This requires a lot of calories to be used for energy for the body to function optimally. So long as calorie output is higher than calorie input, your weightloss goal should be well within reach. 


How does someone go about starting a fitness program?


As simple as it may seem, starting a weightloss program is sometimes the hardest step for most people. Here are two tips that can make the process a bit easier; (1) ensure that you have a solid plan, get advice from qualified professionals. Your health and wellness coach and your nutritionist are your best friends here. (2) Be realistic with your schedule and the time you have put aside to make your workouts happen, even if its two 45 minute sessions a week to start. Momentum, even if its slow, is always better than stagnation. 


If someone is not seeing the results they'd like to, what factors may be affecting this? 


There are many factors to take Into consideration if weight loss is at a standstill. A few of the most common are; workouts are not challenging enough to stimulate weight loss, or calorie intake is higher than calorie output. High stress levels and poor sleeping habits can also bring results to a halt.