Embedded thumbnail for Not coconut - Local food manufacturer accused of fraud

One of this country's major beverage companies is being accused of misleading the public by selling a product 'labelled coconut water' when it doesn't contain any coconut water at all.


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A group of citizens spent the day at Scotland Bay but not for the obvious reasons; there were no bikinis or water sports but rather they pulled out gloves and filled garbage bags with a mountain...

Embedded thumbnail for Election 2015: UNC outspent PNM

In the 2015 general elections the United National Congress spent almost two and half times more than the people's national movement on advertising.

This information comes from the...

Embedded thumbnail for Refugees may come

The National Security Minister says this country must prepare for potential Venezuelan refugees.

This as president Nicolas Maduro is expected to visit this country on Monday.


Embedded thumbnail for Marriage legislation

The government says there must be consistency in the law as it relates to the age of marriage in this country.

At today’s post-cabinet news conference, Minister Stuart Young says proposed...

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No regrets that's how one woman feels about her child marriage.

Dularie Baboonie Kanhai got married at the age of 9 before there were any marriage laws in Trinidad and Tobago.


Embedded thumbnail for Accused child molester appears in court

The man who was found with two naked minors in his van earlier this week appeared in court to answer six charges including kidnapping and sexual touching.

Cameraman Ivan Toolsie was at the...

Embedded thumbnail for State agencies dealing with socially displaced told to get their acts together

A call for state agencies dealing with the socially displaced to get their act together. 
It comes from Port-of-Spain Mayor Keron Valentine who reveals that the City Corporation has received...

Embedded thumbnail for Young and Gifted - Self-taught pannist

In this 'Young and Gifted' segment, we feature a self-taught pannist. 
Jannelle Bernard tells us more.


Embedded thumbnail for Maxi Taxi drivers want speed limit increased on bus route

The Route 2 Maxi Taxi Association wants the Transport Minister to increase the speed limit on the Priority Bus Route.
The association is citing safety concerns and a loss of revenue for this...

Embedded thumbnail for Up to $6K for failure to pay

The police service today announced in addition to more laser speed guns coming camera speed guns are also coming.

They also reminded motorist that of their speed charge should reach the...

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 Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi denies that he received any information that he should not have.