Image courtesy National Gas Company (NGC).

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) has launched an app which the company says can be used to identify consumers’ energy use of everyday appliances.

The NGC EnergySmarTT app was launched on Wednesday 24th June 2020 and seeks to help consumers know basic information such as “the impact one lightbulb has on your pocket or your carbon footprint”.

NGC says as a tool, the app can provide users with information on potential monetary savings from using more energy efficient products, as well as share the benefits and opportunities energy efficiency (EE) offers for addressing climate change.

Speaking on the launch of the NGC EnergySmarTT app, Mark Loquan, President of NGC, noted that the app was born out of the realization that the world is technology driven, and with an organizational culture that focuses on harnessing technology for greater efficiencies and effectiveness, NGC has sought to do its part to push toward more efficient energy use and resources.

“This app is another step which is needed to propel our country forward into a more energy efficient and energy conservation mindset. NGC is proud of the work of our in-house experts, who have developed the app for the benefit of all citizens,” Loquan said.

“Improved energy efficiency has two major benefits: a cleaner way of living which benefits the environment, and a more cost-efficient way to use energy for everyday activities. The app forms part of NGC’s strategy to support Trinidad and Tobago’s mandate to reduce emissions and incorporate renewable sources of energy into the nation’s energy mix,” he added.

Image courtesy National Gas Company (NGC).

The NGC EnergySmartTT app currently has five main functions:

●   My consumption: An energy calculator for understanding how using a particular device could affect your pocket and carbon footprint

●   Switch and Save: A cost benefit analysis to illustrate the overall savings of purchasing EE products

●   Energy Saving Tips: Simple steps households can make to become more energy efficient

●   Locate Energy Saving Products: This feature enables EE product suppliers and consumers that are interested in EE products to connect

●   Useful Resources: Provides access to links that give greater context on the developments in energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) within the region and globally.

NGC states that going forward, additional features for the app will include increased functionality to assess multiple appliances at once; an online community for schools and EE/RE professionals to connect; engagements strategies such as educational RE/EE games; and making the app compatible for regional application.

The NGC EnergySmartTT app can be accessed via:

●   Google Play, here…

●   Apple App Store, here…