Savitri Sooklal and her 21-year-old daughter Arianna Balgobin.

Weeks before they were shot dead, Savitri Sooklal, 60, and Arianna Sandeepa Balgobin, 21, allegedly were beaten at their Claxton Bay home by a relative.

A source told Guardian Media that the two women had become embroiled in a family dispute involving money and were defenceless after Sooklal’s husband Ramdeo died last July, having suffered a heart attack.

It is alleged that the man who beat Sooklal and her daughter was later killed after one of their relatives called a hit on his life.

Police say they are now pursuing information that the double murder was committed as revenge for that man’s death. Prior to the double murder, Sooklal and her daughter had been living in a concrete house without electricity.

The source said Ramdeo owned a contracting company but since COVID-19 hit, many of his jobs dried up. He often did charitable jobs and was very active in his community. In July he suffered a massive heart attack and died, leaving his widow and their two children.

Weeks after his death, other relatives moved into the family property and started taking advantage of Sooklal. An elderly woman who lives on the property was beaten as well, the source added.

A male relative later went into hiding reportedly after death threats were made.

Savitri Sooklal and her daughter Arianna Balgobin were murdered at their home at Soledad Road, Claxton Bay on Friday September 17th. (Image: KRISTIAN DE SILVA)

Savitri Sooklal and Arianna Sandeepa Balgobin, of Soledad Road, Claxton Bay, were at home when they were both shot in their heads. Police said Balgobin was found on a couch in the living room while her mother was found near the washroom.

Prior to the shooting, a relative said he had heard someone demanding money. 

Police are calling on family members and neighbours to provide information on the double murder.

No one has been arrested.

Anyone with information can call Crimestoppers at 800-TIPS.