A 47-year-old mechanic accused of attempting to murder a couple and shooting at their three children and niece in Barrackpore on Boxing Day has been denied bail.

Neil Lutchman appeared virtually before Princes Town Senior Magistrate Indira Misir-Gosine on eleven charges stemming from the incident on December 26, 2021.

The victims Michael Jumratee and his wife Lyssa Edwards of San Fernando went to visit Lutchman’s neighbour Roger Thomas at his home at Harewood Trace, Barrackpore.

The couple had with them their three children ages four, ten and 12, as well as their 13-year-old niece. It is alleged that Jumratee and Lutchman got into a heated argument and as Jumratee was leaving in his car, Lutchman allegedly shot up the car.

Jumratee was shot four times on his chest, stomach and arm while his wife was shot once in the chest. The children were not injured.

Lutchman received injuries after he was allegedly restrained by residents.

He suffered a fractured arm.

The couple and the accused were treated and warded at the San Fernando General Hospital but they have since been discharged.

Lutchman was subsequently charged by Sgt Dennis Ramoo, but he not called upon to plead to the charges.

They included two counts of attempted murder, four counts of shooting with intent, common assault on Thomas, possession of a .40 pistol, possession of seven rounds of .40 ammunition, possession of a firearm to endanger life and possession of ammunition to endanger life. He was represented by attorney Dane Hall who requested bail.

However, prosecutor Sgt Shazeed Mohammed objected to bail because a firearm was used in the commission of the alleged offences.

The magistrate upheld the prosecutor’s objection, remanded Lutchman into custody and adjourned the matter to February 1.