Tracy Davidson Celestine, Secretary for Health Wellness and Family Development. (Image courtesy THA)

Secretary for Health Wellness and Family Development, Tracy Davidson Celestine, was unable to provide details related to a whopping 52 new positive COVID-19 cases recorded in Tobago in the last 24 hours.

Davidson-Celestine, who chaired the weekly TRHA press conference, initially attributed the increase to increased capacity.

“The truth be told, we are doing more testing on the island.  As we have communicated to you before that we have increased the testing capacity in Tobago,” she told the media briefing.

When pressed for a response to whether or not the increased number of cases were related to the “cluster” at the Scarborough Regional Hospital, the Health Secretary said the purpose of the conference was to focus on providing solutions to the challenges and issuing information as it relates to vaccinations.

Davidson-Celestine, who disputed that efforts were being made to “cover up” the true extent of the pandemic on the island, said the report of 52 new cases came in moments before the conference began, and contact tracing has been initiated.