Education Tower on St Vincent Street, Port of Spain.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is expected to announce soon, a date when Forms Four, Five and Six will be able to return to physical school. 

However, in the interim, all students from across the education system will be returning to classes virtually, when Academic Year 2021/2022 begins on Monday 6th September 2021.

An official release issued this morning notes that several factors will determine the date for resumption of in-person classes in the nation’s schools.

“The vaccination uptake by the population, including students, as well as the overall COVID-19 situation will be taken into consideration by the Ministry of Health, which will further advise the government and Ministry of Education on a possible start date for face-to-face classes,” the Ministry stated in the release.

It added: “Physical school is carded to resume, in the first instance, for the Forms 4-6 cohort on a date to be announced.”

The Education Ministry also is reminding education stakeholders to follow agreed-upon guidelines for reopening schools.

“All education stakeholders are advised that the safety and operational parameters laid out in the existing 2020/2021 Guidelines for the Reopening of Schools now apply to Academic Year 2021/2022 and are asked to be guided accordingly,” the Ministry said.

“The finalized Curricular Guidelines, which apply specifically to Term 1 of Academic Year 2021/2022, will be sent subsequently to all relevant stakeholders,” it added.