Drugs Sou-Sou (DSS) founder Kerron Clarke, centre, speaks to police officers outside his office after police raided his operation in La Horquetta for a second time on Tuesday.

Chester Sambrano

Yet another twist in the ongoing Drug Sou Sou (DSS) investigation as Kerron Clarke’s attorneys have said that no seized money has been sent for testing at the Forensic Sciences Centre (FSC).

Some $6.4 million was seized during a second raid on the DSS headquarters in La Horquetta on October 27.

When Arima Magistrate Cheron Raphael granted a detention order application for the money, she also instructed during the court hearing that some $5,000 be sent to the Forensic Science Centre in St James to be tested for narcotics.

However, Guardian Media has been informed that Senior Counsel Sophia Chote’s instructing Attorney Dana Marie Smith made inquiries at the FSC to find out if anything had been received and how long the process would take to test and she was told that no money from the raid was presented for testing.

The application to detain the $6.4 million was made after officers of the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) and Financial Investigations Branch (FIB) conducted a second raid under the coordination of the Barbadian and UK investigators who arrived in T&T a few weeks ago to assist with the probe.

The money was seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The first raid on DSS by police took place on September 22 and a reported $22 million was seized but subsequently returned.

Since then four police officers have been suspended and 11 others transferred as part of the probe.