Susan Niles with her 11-month-old baby at her rented apartment at Rig Road, Claxton Bay, yesterday.

Instead of preparing a special meal and enjoying Mother’s Day yesterday, a Claxton Bay mother had nothing to feed her four children.

Susan Niles, 42, found herself in this unfortunate predicament after her relationship with her children’s father ended a month ago.

She had shared a common- law relationship with him for 14 years. Niles moved into a place at Rig Road with a $1,000 monthly rent and was hired by a private firm as a security officer a week ago.

However, she has not yet received a salary and has used up all her groceries and money.

Her children are 11 months, six, eight and 14-years-old.

“The children has no food. I have no food also because I did not get salary. I could not purchase any grocery or anything for them to eat. So right now the baby has no pampers, no milk. I have no money to go to work also. I have no food, nothing for them. So I don’t have a Mother’s Day.”

She was hopeful that before the end of the day she would get groceries or a meal for them to eat.

She said, “It have nothing like bread or anything for the children to eat. They crying and asking for food but I have nothing to give them,” she said.

She said three of her children has online school but they have no tablet, laptop or internet. “They getting a lil internet from the neighbour. And one of my son has a cellphone his teacher provide for him and that is what they use,” Niles added

Niles is also appealing for a permanent food card.

Last month, she received a temporary food card but that has been used up.

Niles is also appealing to the Government for a rent- to- own HDC unit so her children would have a secure roof over their heads.

“I am struggling right now. It is not easy to take care of your young children on your own. I just need a lil assistance, please,” she lamented.

Anyone willing to assist the family can contact 347-1716.