Anthony Jhilmit stands near his car and a truck which plunged down a precipice in Otaheite yesterday.

Several people escaped injury when a runaway trailer truck crashed into a parked car and both vehicles plunged 15 feet off a cliff near Otaheite Bay in South Oropouche yesterday.

The incident occurred just after midday near a guest house on the Southern Main Road.

Driver Anton Forde and his lorry man, employees of Sat Sais Co Ltd, were transporting an excavator from Chatham with a police escort.

Forde said he was driving at about 40 miles per hour and braked as he approached a hill because he knew it was a dangerous corner but the road was wet.

“When we reach the edge of the hill the brakes lock up on the trailer. The truck lock and was going into this tent. It had about 25 people in the tent here buying fish. I watching the people in the tent, I watching the house, I watching the car, I watching the tree. The best hope was to put the truck between the house and the tent,” he said.

He said the truck slammed the car into a coconut tree then went over the precipice and fell into the sea.

The owner of the car, Anthony Jhilmit, a part-time fisherman, said he parked at around 7.30 am and went fishing. Hours later he got a call that his car was floating in the sea and when he returned to shore around 4 pm saw his car and the truck at the bottom of the cliff.

“I still trembling but thank God nobody wasn’t damaged,” he said.

Jhilmit said this was the second time in a year his car was damaged in an accident. He then got the Tiida for $62,000 seven months ago and was still paying instalments. He said someone stole money, a gold chain and other items from his car while two batteries were stolen from the truck.

Oropouche Police are investigating.