President of the National Council of Parents and Teachers Associations (NCPTA), Clarence Mendoza, says no major changes have been made to the Secondary Entrance Assessment, generally known as the SEA exam.

Mendoza who spoke today on CNC3’s “The Morning Brew”, says all the elements of the exam are still present in the key subject areas, namely Mathematics, English Comprehension and English Language Arts.

“The Ministry of Education really hasn’t made any major changes toward the SEA,” he explains.  “We must understand that going forward, our students—with the little assistance that they will be getting by the Ministry removing a certain percentage in the subject areas, but they did not remove the skillsets.”

He added: “Our parents can assist our students. Our teachers will be working hard with out students in making sure the skillsets continue to stay there in the subject matters.”

Mr Mendoza says that the National Consultation on Education should have placed more focus on remodelling the exam, as well as the current participation rate for online learning.

“With our students doing online learning, what’s percentage of them are really doing online learning?  What is the dropout rate for students at this point in time during this pandemic?” he asked.  “This is the major consultation that should be taking place.”

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Education announced that the 2021 edition of the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) will take place on June 10th, with a reduction in the number of questions being posed to students.