Supt Roger Alexander, newly appointed head of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) speaks during yesterday’s TTPS press briefing at the Police Administration Building, in Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

Head of the Special Operations Response Team, Supt Roger Alexander, is denying rumours that the TT Police Service plans to disband SORT and several other successful crime-fighting initiatives put in place by former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Speaking to Guardian Media yesterday, Alexander said, “No instructions or information came to me with respect to (the disbanding of SORT). Deputy Commissioner of Police (McDonald) Jacob and the executive, we have spoken and that is not their intention at this time.”

Yesterday, former CoP Gary Griffith said people have been reaching out to him with complaints about a major reshuffling of specialist units within the TTPS and the dismantling of SORT, which he set up with specially trained officers.

Taking to social media, Griffith said he would reserve comments on the developments. However, he divulged the concerns which were brought to him.

“As many would know, SORT was my brainchild so it was understandable that people felt the need to contact me. Whilst reserving personal comm,” Griffith wrote.

He noted that people have asked why the Coast Guard’s Special Naval Unit hasn’t been shut down because one of their own killed a policeman on Sunday.

“This person also questioned why they targeted SORT since they were only responsible for about ten per cent of all police killings when other units have been five times more involved, even though SORT was the frontline unit in armed confrontations with criminal elements,” Griffith added.

“Still another asked if we can expect the Prime Minister to dismantle the Cabinet because of Marlene McDonald’s charges, and then went on to suggest that there is a heavy political price to pay for doing this given what happened when SAUTT was dismantled years ago.

“They went on to say ‘people who condemned when the previous administration dismantled SAUTT are now silent or even in support of this, which shows their hypocrisy.’”

Griffith said the concerned people who reached out to him were worried about crime escalating with the disbanding of anti-crime operatives.

The former CoP also said questions arose about the power McDonald Jacob appears to be wielding as DCP and interim TTPS head.

“That as an accounting officer and not an Acting CoP or CoP, he shouldn’t be making such sweeping changes, especially in light that we have a new Police Service Commission who theoretically could send a merit list to Parliament so that a new Commissioner of Police could be appointed in less than a week. Even when we had a substantive Commissioner or Acting Commissioner, never before did they make such changes as we are seeing Jacob is making now,” Griffith wrote.

Several attempts were made to contact DCP Jacob yesterday but there was no response.

However, DCP Joanne Archie said the TTPS will respond to the allegations “in due course.”

“Please note that this is not entirely true, hence we would make a statement on the issue,” she said via Whatsapp.

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds could not be reached for comment.