Customers wait in line outside Massy Stores, Maraval Branch, yesterday.


The Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT) says there is no shortage of stocks for supermarkets.

In a release following the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday, SATT said there is no need for panic buying as the current stock can last at least six months.

SATT has also reminded the public that only one person per family should be visiting supermarkets to shop.

SATT said supermarkets will remain open as they are categorised as an essential service.

The association’s president, Rajiv Diptee said supermarkets have been reporting the continuous need to remind customers to wear their masks properly.

“Staff have been abused by customers when trying to implement the COVID-19 regulations. We remind shoppers that supermarket employees are frontline workers who have been doing yeoman service since the beginning of the pandemic,” Diptee said.