Like COVID-19, the virus of domestic violence that is endemic to T&T males is decimating us.

Our men continue to sicken rabidly from an emotional virus that sees them committing homicides.

T&T men are allegedly prone to violently destroying females who do not live up to their expectations.

They appear unable to deal emotionally with rejection. A frightening number of T&T men appear ill equipped for long-term relationships.

The recent horrific chopping to death of a young mother of four is the most recent descent into mental and physical depravity.

Who is to blame for the inadequacy of some T&T males? Why are T&T men unable to cope with real life scenarios?

In T&T, the tendency to treat all males, from cradle to grave, as being more important/ special than women, appears to have bearing on personal behaviour.

Do the mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and girlfriends all contribute to the fallacy that males are superior to females in thought, word and deed?

Why is there this ruinous lack of respect?

Part of the answer to the domestic violence will allegedly have to be attitude change. T&T females crave productive male/female relationship regardless of the sometimes obvious failings of the male in question. This tendency is across race, religion and social standing. The must have a boy friend or husband syndrome infects females as seriously as contracting a debilitating virus.

The only cure would appear to be education from early childhood for both boys and girls about respect for human life. Until we address attitude change domestic violence will continue to escalate.

We have been suffering the effects of domestic violence so long that it would seem that a vaccination for COVID-19 may be on the horizon before attitude change and measurable relief from this category of homicide is achieved..