The following is a press release from National Petroleum (NP):

NP wishes to reassure the public that THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THE RUMOURS OF A SHORTAGE of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Cooking Gas in Trinidad or in Tobago.

There remains an adequate and consistent supply of product and distribution is ongoing to ensure that LPG continues to be widely available for sale throughout our regular distribution points, and the 100lb cylinders through NP’s Authorized Distributors /Contractors.

Moreover, we wish to make an appeal to consumers to maintain their normal purchasing patterns and avoid panic-buying and hoarding the cylinders which will only serve to disrupt distribution through the normal supply chain and create ‘artificial’ LPG shortages at the Service Stations and at the various distribution points.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, NP understands the vital role our services play in the communities we serve in Trinidad and Tobago and NP’s Business Continuity Plan is being actively implemented to minimise disruptions and/or mitigate the impact, if a disruption occurs, while maintaining critical operations.

NP is meeting the fuel distribution and LPG/cooking gas needs of the Country in a timely manner and is ensuring the reliable and continuous supply of liquid fuels, aviation fuel, lubricants and cooking gas to the local market.