Number system to get into Tobago groceries


Double D Supermarket at Government Farm Road, Northside Road, Tobago.

Some Tobago groceries have started using a number system for customers, to encourage and ensure social distancing is practised, during the COVID-19 crisis.

On Friday, Guardian Media visited The Double B Grocery at Government Farm Road, Northside Road, Tobago, where the system was operating efficiently. 

BRIAN BROWN, spokesman for Double D Supermarket

Spokesman for Double B, Brian Brown, told us the idea came from one of the employees and was instituted to prevent persons from breaking the lines. Brown said in the beginning, customers had issues with it, but eventually got used to it.

“It came about because some people did not want to wait,” he said. “They would come thinking they had the right to get into the supermarket because they were regular customers, and that people would be here a while.”

Brian Brown said elderly citizens and those afflicted with ailments are exempted from the number system.

“It’s worked marvellously for us.”

He said goods are being supplied regularly from Trinidad via the Cabo Star.

According to the grocery operator, flour, water and toilet paper remain the biggest sellers, while hand sanitizes, rubbing alcohol and disinfectant sprays are in short supply and have to be rationed.