Opposition Senator Taharqa Obika poses a question to Government Senator Clarence Rambharat during Wednesday’s Senate sitting.

United National Congress Senator Taharqa Obika was evicted from the Senate on Wednesday by Senate President Christine Kangaloo for defying instructions given to him.

This occurred after Obika sought a reply on the timeline for completion of the Early Childhood Centre in Southern Gardens, Point Fortin.

Government Senator Clarence Rambharat said the matter had been explained before. He reiterated that the centre was completed since 2013. However, the Chatham Government school was temporarily placed there.

Obika said the query hadn’t been answered, adding, “You suffering the people.”

He was cautioned by Kangaloo.

Posing the query again, Obika interjected, “You’ve failed.”

He was told to withdraw that and apologise by Kangaloo. But he said the query wasn’t answered. He was then advised to take his seat. But he asked the reason for the instruction.

When he didn’t comply and continued protesting, he was told to leave the chamber by Kangaloo.