The world news is giving viewers an indication of the problems arising in getting needed cooperation from the people in adopting the recommended strategies to prevent the COVID-19 virus spreading uncontrolled in communities and overwhelming their medical capability to serve society.

Some governments have had to enact empowering legislation in their desire to enforce compliance with regulations aimed at saving human lives in the country that the virus is infecting and destroying eventually, while minimising the impacting measures on the economy.

In the local situation, Government has imposed restrictions on some selected economic activity in the country that has caused increased unemployment in the society, so until these restrictions are removed all together many businesses are likely to go under, as without the support of the consuming customer their activities will not be an income generator.

With wide compliance and reduction in the fatalities, the Government will consider an economic restriction ease, so discipline and understanding is needed by society to bring restriction ease on the business community and eventually on the nation, as they understand the reality of their new normal living situation that everything changed by presence of the virus that scientists are seeking vaccines to protect us from.

It’s significant to note that in the developed countries, the virus is continuing on its destructive activities. In many cases, the risk to economic destruction was perceived as having a similar life destructive action, so their economic activity was not reduced significantly and this allowed the virus to spread more rapidly, resulting in many deaths recorded in the country as being caused by the coronavirus activity.

There is hope vaccines will soon be found that will allow normal economic activities to rebound. This would take some time to become reality but pressures are mounting to restart economic activity and governments, although supporting their spread reduction strategy, may have to eventually consider a compromise strategy.

As the volume of people being found infected suggests, at no time the virus may be eliminated and life must go on in the country by living with the virus as our reality.

Wearing face masks in the prevention spreading strategy has an impact in also identifying criminals conducting their activities. And the stories of murders in the country suggests they are using this compulsory wearing facility to their advantage.

And we can see from these noted observations, some effects of the virus on our nation, creating new challenges for the authorities in combating the actions of violent criminal activities, in addition to spreading infection, killing humanity and disrupting all human social activity.

Some local experts expressing views on the virus say the government is attempting to scare us, as the virus is not all that deadly as many people affected are overcoming it actively. It’s worth remembering prevention is better than cure. Life with good health is worth much more, so be scared and take the advised precautions that can save your life and provide options.

One should remember this about the new virus. It can attack without warning anyone of us, so use protocols devised to give you safety and forget experts who volunteer their free commentary. No other virus in the whole world history has impacted all nations and upset their societies.

All institutions of learning were shut down temporarily and courts of the nation were included eventually. And no one can guarantee you will survive a coronavirus attack and come out alive.

Wear face masks and wash your hands as suggested and avoid crowds where you may become infected. We are all under threat as a nation, our survival requires us to work in co-operation. The delinquent persons are putting everyone at risk, causing legislation to be enacted to prevent this.

In trying to save lives in the country, jobs will be lost and some businesses would cease to function. Eventually, our society has to adjust to this reality until a vaccine gives us an alternative opportunity. The records would show this virus is different and focused on conducting its mission of destruction of life of the human species without discrimination or the possibility of negotiating a peaceful conclusion.