There seems to be an elephant in the room that no one notices. Coming from down the islands on Monday afternoon, I observed more than a dozen rickety Venezuelan vessels anchored all over Chaguaramas Bay. Each boat seemed to have 15 men on board. No social distancing and no masks. Some swimming from one boat to the other. Or rowing a dinghy ashore. Now all of this is happening about 150 metres from our Coast Guard Headquarters, Our CG patrols are nowhere to be seen.

And yet Editor the day before, Sunday, our coastguard boats with full crew and armed with heavy weapons found the time to slowly patrol each island home to make sure we don’t dare jump in for a swim! They circled my boat looking for swimmers.

Our major concern here, is that the National Security minister must explain to the public exactly what these boats are doing here.

It is no secret that Venezuela is reeling under an uncontrolled spread of COVID.

And these boats from the impoverished Eastern end of that country pose an immediate and severe threat to T&T. I have often heard that they are bringing in fish to sell.