One man was murdered while another was injured during a shooting incident in Princes Town .

The deceased has been identified as Eyell Danglade, 32, of Mafeking Village, Mayaro.

Police said he was a known drug dealer who had served time in prison for narcotic- related matters.

Danglade and his 25 year old who is also from Mafeking Village friend had gone to Sixth Company Circular, Indian Walk to visit the mother of two of his children.

Police said around 8.30 pm they were walking into the yard when several loud explosions were heard. Danglade was shot several times. He died at the scene

Meanwhile, the other man was shot on the right side of his hip, but he still managed to run inside the house.

He remained hidden there for almost three hours, then he left to seek help.

He flagged down a passing police vehicle and was taken to the Princes Town District Health Facility where he was treated and transferred at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Police said that man was also wanted for chopping a Moruga man in Mayaro a few years ago. Investigations are continuing