The Port-of-Spain City Corporation has issued the following statement:

PORT OF SPAIN ANNOUNCES COVID 19 STRATEGY in support of Central Government initiatives: ALL (WASHED) HANDS ON DECK

His Worship, Mayor of Port of Spain Alderman Joel Martinez along with members of Council and Administration have decided to make strategic decisions in the following areas, in line with policy decisions from Cabinet:

  1. PUBLIC SPACES CONTROL: The Port of Spain Corporation endeavours to sanitize ALL public spaces and so, we encourage persons to limit their gathering at parks and squares. Play parks that are equipped with exercise apparatus such as Nelson Mandela Park would be closed until further notice. An enhanced sanitation roll out will take effect immediately considering the urgency to respond to this health emergency. This includes the washing down and sanitizing of the city streets and popular places such as the Brian Lara Promenade and Queens Park Savannah footpath amongst others. Further, the Council has resolved to cancel all activities at Parks and Squares in keeping with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago’s prescription to limit/mitigate against the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. Additionally, instructions have been issued for the closure of the Murchison Brown Auditorium at City Hall for the next two (2) weeks in the first instance.
  2. ISSUING OF FOOD BADGES: Under the order of Public Health department, issuing of food badges have also been suspended for the next two (2) weeks in the first instance.
  3. PUBLIC WASHROOMS ACCESS: An extension of opening and closing hours will be implemented to accommodate the public to utilise public conveniences/ washrooms in the capital city.
  4. BURIAL AND CREMATION SERVICES: The Council has directed that no more than twenty five (25) mourners are allowed at the Port of Spain Crematorium or at burial sites in the city of POS. Mourners will be guided by staff to ensure that final viewing and cremation/burial takes place as quickly as possible…We take the protection of the public’s health as paramount, therefore, necessary Infrastructure i.e.: tents and chairs will be provided to conduct services outdoors, in keeping with the prohibition of gatherings of no more than twenty five (25) people.
  5. MARKETS: noting the essential nature of the Markets, to maintain the opening of the Port of Spain Central Market and St James Market under STRICT management. The public will be provided with sanitizer/wash sinks upon entry and exit. In light of this, customers must comply with the directives of Police and Public health Officers present. With respect to safety, customers are urged to shop with haste and practice social distancing. NO LOITERING IS ALLOWED!
  6. SAFETY PROCEDURES: The Port of Spain Corporation has put into place the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all essential staff in all divisions. With that said, we would like to reassure both staff and the public that the Corporation has taken the necessary measures to increase the safety of our workers so that they can carry out essential services safely and securely.
    The Corporation has sent requisite requests of approval of unspent balances to bolster the gaps in various departments in order to mitigate the risk of infection in protecting both staff and members of the public. To ensure the facilitation of this, an emergency meeting with Council and administration was held to pass the resolution to tap into our unspent balances which will inadvertently cover the cost of the Port of Spain Corporation response to COVID 19. The administration led by the Chief Executive Officer is considering all options to ensure the functionality of staff and will follow industrial practice guidelines and liaise with respective unions with public health emphasis taking priority.
    The POSCORP has put into place the following:
    • Full sanitation of city streets and public spaces.
    • Social intervention in support of the elderly.
    • Personnel strengthening and protective equipment for staff.
    . Educational paraphernalia and audio Miking of communities

The city remains prepared to address all public health needs and is cautioning citizens to be responsible. The POSCORP fully supports the Prime Minister’s resolution in the closure of bars for the duration outlined and to limit gathering in public social spaces that could bring about situations for spread of the virus.


Please be advised that persons wishing to access the services of City Hall are asked to come in only for URGENT matters. Otherwise, you can contact the Port of Spain Corporation at 299-0870 or [email protected]
The public is urged to utilize the Frederick Street Entrance ONLY between the hours of 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M. and they must comply with officials. The Mayor’s office can be reached at 6236024 and Residents in the various electoral districts are advised to contact their councillors via contact numbers available as they are directly in tune with the corporation’s strategic objectives in ensuring that we flatten the curve. In the words of the Prime Minister, “We are all in this together.”

The above is subject to review and or change in keeping with guidelines issued by the central government.